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a wooden shelf with keys and other items hanging on it's sides, next to a potted plant
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Rustic Entryway 3 Hanger Hook Coat Rack with Shelf and Mail Phone Key Organizer
an unfinished bookcase in the process of being built
From That... to That... • 1001 Pallets
From That... to That... • 1001 Pallets
an old wooden bookcase is sitting in front of a stone wall with wood planks
Best DIY Woodworking in Garages
a wooden shelf with three shelves on it
a wooden shelf filled with shoes on top of a wall
two potted plants sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a metal sink
Lose the Drapes: 17 Ways to Dress a Window Without Curtains
a workbench in a garage with tools and materials on the floor, including a table
Farmhouse coffee table for Sale in Boca Raton, FL - OfferUp