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Diy Print, Living, Für Zuhause Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall?

Cute No-Sew Fleece Octopus Craft

No-Sew Fleece Octopus Craft: This would make a great baby rattle if you fill the head with poly-fill and add a rattler. Must get rid of wiggly eyes and bows, as they are a choking hazard. This could totally be a dog toy!

EASY felt iPhone Case for Valentines Day - Do Small Things with Love

EASY felt iPhone Case for Valentines Day

Small Things: EASY felt iPhone Case for Valentines Day - cute on other types of bags and decoration for the kid's projects


DIY watermelon print wrapping paper using potato printing. Wouldn't this be cute wrapping paper for a Mother's Day gift?

Taller de fieltro: ideas de fieltro para hacer en verano

Eco friendly fashion tote bag / green canvas appliqued with handmade colorful felt flowers/shopper/carry all