4' x 5' Outdoor Sauna Kit + Heater + Accessories

A Cedarbrook Outdoor Home Sauna Kit This is a DIY prefab outdoor home sauna kit set-up next a lake. See this Outdoor Sauna Kit + Heater + Accessories in th

Even our long winters can be stunning and full of beauty.


NuBuiten inpiratie // We love scandinavian sauna culture! Haal nu je eigen sauna in huis http://nubuiten.nl/tuinmeubelen/sauna.html

Country style villa by Kannustalo with a romantic twist

Sexy little sauna

Backyard Sauna / Røros, Norway--I think I am going to transform my backyard into a Sauna and warm pool situation.

5" Metal Sauna Thermometer

Metal thermometer in Celsius, made in Finland by Velmut. These are the thermometers we use in our sauna kits. Best place to position the thermometer is right beside the thermostat sensor at ceiling height.