Purple Earring

PaulinStore: Purple Earring: Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red

Sun sparkle Necklaces

Sun sparkle Necklaces

Beautiful weather Necklaces

PaulinStore: Beautiful weather Necklaces: Weather seen from the Satellite

Beautiful weather Earring

PaulinStore: Beautiful weather Earring: Weather seen from the Satellite

Burning Earring

Flamin Cat Designs: Winged Angel Cat Earring: A night scene of an angel cat flying. The angel cat has a halo on its head.

Sunny day Necklaces

The Pleiades, or "Seven Sisters," is a luminous star cluster located in the constellation Taurus. It is one of the nearest star clusters to the Earth.

Dawn at sea Earring

PaulinStore: Dawn at sea Earring: Early dawn at sea. Sunlight reflects by clouds to the surface of sea.

December Bracelet

Jingle Bear Charm Bracelet, One Charm by Zarya Parx Studio. Be a Holiday Diva this season with Matching "Jingle Bear" apparel, totes, and Jewelry! It is the perfect Holiday gift, too! Lots of New Items all in time for Christmas!

Blue flowers Charms

Pauli Hyvonen's Shop: Blue flowers Silver Round Charm: Not quite frost flowers

Burning Bracelet

Be Mine Vintage Rose Old French Style Bracelet Vintage style rose Be Mine Victory Ink Tshirts and Gifts

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