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the cover of an italian cook's book, essentials of classic italian cooking
Easy Homemade Lasagna
Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
an old map of the city of beverly, new york in brown and pink colors
Nicholson Baker
Funny, charming. First published in 1932, still the ultimate gardener brain candy. Perfect for a dreary winter day.
an old book with the title village in valley
Down The Garden Path
Village in a Valley (Beverley Nichols's Allways Trilogy) by Beverley Nichols
a book cover with an image of a dog laying on the floor in front of a window
The Arrival
an omelette and a glass of wine by elizabeth david, illustrated by the author
Welcome to Hall of Books
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, Elizabeth David
the cover of the first edition of a book of mediterranean food 1950
Foxed and Deckled
A book of Mediterranean Food - Elizabeth David