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Creative advertising

Aquatic Exercising Ads: The Sport Life Fitness Club Campaign Shows Bulging Bellies and Toned Thighs (by Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine)

Advertising campaigns against smoking - supersterk!

Advertising campaigns against smoking

Example of Bad Advertisement. This is an example of a bad advertisement as the way the advertiser is presenting the intended message is insensitive.

Lovely visual. Want it already. Death by advertising. Nike Flyknit

The idea of the shoes coming from one roll of thread - the idea of all the adventures you can go on starting in one place - the website - illustrated / action imagery montage

French Ministry of Health: Childhood Obesity

This is a French ad administrated by the French Ministry of Health. This ad states in the bottom right corner: Obesity starts from childhood.Very graphic yet creative.

1991 Benetton Advertisement Angel & Devil by OutofCopenhagen. This ad created an uproar at the time as it portrayed the black child as the devil and the white child as the angelic cherub

1991 Benetton Advertisement "Angel & Devil" - Original poster

Oliverio Toscani-United Colors of Benetton-Poster