Noise Level Chart Featuring Goofus $ - Find it by clicking on the "Website" link

Voice Level Chart

Poster for teacher to put a clothes pin on what the noise level should be and what the noise level is.

behavior chart; might be a good idea for next year in replacement for what I have now

behavior chart-rather than put children's names I would rather have mini personal versions so there is a focus on making the best choices YOU can make rather than see how everyone else is doing

Noise Level Clip Chart (couple different varieties) - Great idea so kids always know what voice level to use and you don't have to always be telling them, can even make it a job for a kid to change it to Level 3 during literacy stations each day and 2 during independent work, etc.

Voice Level Chart

Cute illustrated and color-coded noise level chart to help keep your classroom noise level in check that lets children always know which voice to u.

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