Every Celebrate Women Award Ceremony, TOBFC gives each semi-finalist and finalist a beautiful kanga with a special message about mothers! Will pin the various fabrics and messages!

Ikkunaprinssi-kangas | Kankaat, Puuvillakankaat | Marimekko

Marimekko Black/Green/Plum Ikkunaprinssi Fabric Potted plants pop against a stark matte black background in Erja Hirvi's Ikkunaprinssi (Prince's window) print. With blossoms and full foliage, this colorful fabric is great for window curtains, sheet .



Panda kangas <3<3 kaikissa väreissä ^_^

Panda kangas <3<3 kaikissa väreissä ^_^

Helsinki-Helsingfors -kangas | Per-Olof Nyström| Marimekko

Inspired by Helsinki's Art Nouveau buildings, the Per Olof Nyström's Helsinki - Helsingfors print from 1952 begins Marimekko's year-long celebration of World Design Capital Helsinki

Mustikkamaa-kangas (valkoinen, sininen, violetti) | Kankaat, Puuvillakankaat | Marimekko

Mustikkamaa Aino-Maija Metsola's Mustikkamaa fabric is a vibrant expression of summer's deepest essence. The pattern was executed on the basis of watercolour sketches done by the designer

Kevätjuhla-kangas (oranssi,valko,musta) | Kankaat, Puuvillakankaat | Marimekko

Miina Äkkijyrkkä, Marimekko, made in Finland, Iltavilli - Kevätjuhla - lehmät.

Kauriin kääntöpiiri -kangas | Marimekko

Kauriin Kääntöpiiri cotton/linen fabric by Marimekko