behind door storage for giftwrap! THIS is such a GREAT idea! Giftwrap is so expensive and mine always ends up mangled in the corner of a closet! Love this idea but I can see my baby loving this! :(

Read Between the Limes: DIY Behind-the-Door Wrapping Paper/Ribbon Storage Hope I have wall space in my craft room

Ribbon rack holds 125 spools of ribbon $44.99 (CustomWoodConcepts - etsy)

Ribbon rack organizer. White, Black, Red,Grey

A great way to organize a craft room or a sewing room!

An old dresser, without the drawers, brilliant storage idea! Tons of beautiful craft/sewing room organization tips on this site!

Yarn Stash Storage - Repeat Crafter Me

Yarn Stash Storage

lankakaappi 1 by Louhitar, via Flickr

Beautifully organized yarn collection Will be a great system paired with my fabric collection. 6 for fabric and 3 for yarn. If only I had a craft room!

Scrapbooking storage-I turned mine into quilting storage

Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Craft Central! And, it can all closed up when not in use.priceless idea : ) Now I just need an old TV armoire

Get clever with wall storage. Go beyond shelving units, as other options may prove more practical for your needs. Hack suggests wire racks, magnetic systems for tools and a pegboard for sewing essentials.

Oh, the joys of using pegboard to stay organized! Canyon Creek - Princeton in Maple in natural and Burnished Indigo on the island - media room - seattle - Canyon Creek Cabinet Company

Fab cabinet for craft room, sewing room, garage, office - anywhere, in fact, where you need to store small items.

Organize It: 5 Cabinets for Small Items

28 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

28 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Tin Can - 34 DIY Dorm Room Decor Projects to up Your Room . → DIY -Use old tin cans, ad paint and then just glue together

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15+ SUPERB and Affordable Sewing Thread Storage Ideas

US Art Supply Premium Beechwood Sewing & Embroidery Thread Rack: Dimensions: Tall x 15 Wide x Deep