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Partitions of Poland: Partitions of Poland, three territorial divisions of Poland perpetrated by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, by which Poland’s size was progressively. Poland Map, Poland History, Alternate History, Historical Maps, European History, Modern History, Old Maps, Vintage Maps, Prussia

Russia, Prussia & Austria carved Poland up in three successive partitions in 1772, 1793 & 1795. An independent Poland wouldn't re-emerge until 1918 after the devastation of World War I & the collapse of all three dynasties that had conspired in the three partitions of Poland. Russia got about 3/5 of the territory, which greatly enhanced Catherine the Great's reputation, but her Russian imperialist expansion into Poland did nothing for her reputation among Poles~!

The Dwendalian Empire 2 - Cartography by Deven Rue - Matt Mercer - Critical Role Fantasy Map Making, Fantasy World Map, Fantasy Art, Voyage Sketchbook, Rpg Map, Old Maps, Antique Maps, Map Design, City Maps

Dwendalian Empire

The Dwendalian Empire is a nation on the continent of Wildemount, dominating the western half of the region of Wynandir. Founded thirteen generations before the events of Campaign 2, the Empire has slowly encompassed territory of the continent and now mainly minds itself. The capital of the...

Most realistic Map of alternate Polish with Courzon Line "B" state I've ever made. Edited + Added city of Szczecin + A. Map of Poland 'B' Polish Symbols, Poland Map, Imaginary Maps, Geography Map, Fantasy Map, Alternate History, Historical Maps, Old Maps, Arte Popular

Map of Poland 'B' by FollowByWhiteRabbit on DeviantArt

Most realistic Map of alternate Polish with Courzon Line "B" state I've ever made. I'm very proud of it. Edited 28.12.2011: + Added city of Szczecin + A... Map of Poland 'B'

Infos of Latvia and map of the Baltic states in German, LOVE so neat! Baltic Region, Uk History, Historical Maps, Old Maps, Riga, Lithuania, Vintage Travel, Travel Posters, Roads

Atklātne, Karte Lettland, 20-30tie g. 20 gs., 14 x 9 cm

Atklātne, Karte Lettland, 20. gs. 20-30tie g., 14 x 9 cm

  Historical Maps, Historical Fiction, Poland Map, Fantasy Map, Alternate History, Old Maps, Genealogy, Planer, Nerdy

La Pologne au lendemain de la Seconde Guerre mondiale - HistoCarte

Après 1945, le territoire polonais glisse vers l'ouest. L'URSS a voulu conserver ses annexions de 1939, et impose des compensations prises sur l'Allemagne…