Pekka Piippo

Pekka Piippo

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Pekka Piippo
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The Forest Pond House is a wooden folly that cantilevers across a garden lake in Hampshire, England, by TDO.

Forest Pond House is a modern meditation hut by TDO Architecture that is located in rural Hampshire, UK. It creates a dramatic transition as one is transported from the dense shadows of the forest to the bright sunshine reflecting off the pond.

Stormwater planters are structural landscaped reservoirs used to collect, filter, and/or infiltrate stormwater runoff, allowing pollutants to settle and filter out as the water percolates through the planter soil before infiltrating into the ground below or being piped to its downstream destination. Click image for details & visit our Stormwater Solutions board >>

SMART URBAN - Stormwater planters, born in Portland Oregon are being replicated nationwide for 'green' stormwater management.

30 Herb Garden Ideas - Pictured Is Rylan's garden <3 Love finding his pictures on Pinterest

Nice option too container/raised bed herb gardening. Some of these herbs won't stay small and cute, so would need to plan to plant the taller ones in the upper tiers and maybe with a little bit larger growth area.

World's First LEGO Greenhouse | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

LEGO Greenhouse - the world's very first fully functional hothouse made of LEGO bricks. Award-winning designer Sebastian Bergne Read more: World& First LEGO Greenhouse Unveiled at the London Design Festival! LEGO Greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne

Artist Christopher Duffy Layers Custom Cut Glass and Wood to Create a Stunning Ocean Illusion Table - TechEBlog

Greg Klassen the Abyss table, which is created in a way that mimics the depths of the oceans. This unique table uses multiple layers of stacked glass and wood, completing the table as a three-dimensional representation of a geological map.