I couldn't get over this - the 'bitch-please- guy is real! For those who are not familiar with American basketball this is Yao Ming - obviously a guy with a seriously cool sense of humor!

I know this is what people think of me!!! I can't help it, if I have an opinion about something ( and I usually do) I just can't keep my mouth shut :)

I hate opinionated people who have done no research or investigation about what they think or believe. Especially when their opinions are based on lies and hearsay.

I Feel So Bad For This Cow... But I Also Can Not Stop Laughing... It's so True. ♡ Too Funny.

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Oh... My... Lord!!!! Now I know why Mondays are so rough!!!!

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Funny pictures about He knew too much. Oh, and cool pics about He knew too much. Also, He knew too much.

Say cheese

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