Hot sauna and a dip into ice cold water -- best beauty product ever :D


Just open the windows and enjoy an indoor/outdoor shower. The thick wood planks on the floor on your bare feet give a true outdoor feeling.

Weekend Cabin: Kawakami, Japan

The ultimate luxury: a hot bath in the clawfoot tub, with the fiberglass door open wide to the woods. Photo by: Dean KaufmanCourtesy of: Dean Kaufman 2010


flanked with a pergola and veranda, this one room retreat is part of a modular system allowing homeowners to integrate a spa experience into their existing dwellings.

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Low EMF Infrared Sauna - Advantages & Available Models

Sommarstuga i Ygne, Gotland « Below The Clouds

Photo: Sandell Sandberg Small beach cabins from Swedish arhitects Sandell Sanberg . Situated on Gotland, 10 minutes walk from one of my .

time of the aquarius

time of the aquarius

time of the aquarius

When we bought our summer house last August this tiny seaside sauna was the worst place. Old log walls were spotted, sauna stove was ju.

Handmade Custom Teak Ofuro by Seaotter Woodworks Inc.‎ |

We can build an ofuro with one slanted end, or two to create a trapezoidal tub like this one. We crafted the tub and its covers from teak.