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Ideas for Lego Club and creating Lego challenges
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lego challenge build a megafig
Lego Challenge–Make a Megafig
the lego challenge poster with instructions on how to build a lego mansion
Lego Challenge–Build a Lego Mansion
the lego challenge is going on and it's fun to do with your kids
Lego Challenge–The Balancing Act Challenge
the lego challenge is going on and it's fun to play with this game
Lego Challenge–Rebuilding Fairytales: The Rapunzel Challenge
the instructions for lego challenge are shown here
Lego Challenge–Rebuilding Fairytales: The Goldilocks Challenge
an advertisement for the lego challenge is shown in red and yellow with black letters on it
Lego Challenge–The “Watch Your Step” Challenge
a poster with the words lego challenge and an image of a man in a bow tie
Lego Challenge–Photo Bomb!
lego challenge build a comic book cover with the text, build a comic on it
Lego Challenge–Build a Comic!
the lego challenge poster with instructions for how to build a tree house and other toys
Lego Challenge–Mirror Worlds
lego challenge tree forts with instructions to make them look like they're playing in the game
Lego Challenge–Tree Forts
Lego Club idea--Build your own tree fort!!
the lego challenge is an awesome activity for kids to learn how to build and play
Lego Challenge–Building Vertically
Lego Club idea--Flip a Lego board on it's side and build vertically!
the lego challenge is being played in this video game, and it's very easy to do
Lego Challenge–Reach New Heights!
Lego Club idea!! Photograph your minifigs building up, down, or across!!
the poster for lego challenge with instructions on how to build a house from scratchsticks
The Lego Librarian
Lego Club Idea--Learn about Reverse Engineering!
the lego challenge is taking place in this photo and it's fun to play with
Lego Challenge–Minifig Adventure Photos
Minifig Adventure Photos! Perfect for staying home!