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Peter Lingenfelter

Peter Lingenfelter
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Plywood Chair

This is my prototype of a folding chair made of plywood. It is inspired by some Danish designed chairs from the It is quite comfortable, but I will be changing the design a bit and make it more sleek.

Propping your feet up during strenuous work hours will not require an extra chair anymore as long as you have the FUUT Desk Feet Hammock under the work table.

Funny pictures about Now I Want An Under-The-Desk Foot Hammock. Oh, and cool pics about Now I Want An Under-The-Desk Foot Hammock. Also, Now I Want An Under-The-Desk Foot Hammock photos.


Karolina Ferenc is a young designer from Poland who recently created this chaise lounge, called Aeroply, designed to fit a woman's curves.

rok-bak-chair from one sheet of plywood #make #EasyNip

How-To: Cozy Rok-Bak Chair from Single Sheet of Plywood If you’re looking build some of your own inexpensive furniture, the Rok-Bak chair is the perfect choice for studying in comfort.

MONDOBLOGO: plane furniture from michael boyd

Michael Boyd "Plank" side chair from the "PLANK" series 2011 My great friend Michael Boyd is just about to launch his new line of furnitur.