Folioukko ja varjo

Super creative craft project for kids. Make aluminum foil sculptures and draw their shadows in the background. Tie to writing project. Videos of babies seeing shadows for first time

If we ever get snow.Fill a bin with snow and bring it indoors. Add colored water and paint brushes for a super fun art activity- what a great idea! {Lots of other ways to play with snow indoors here, too}

Free tutorial and printabel images on UKKONOOA: DIY eläinaiheiset puukoristeet / DIY Woodland Animal Ornaments

A collection of 20 DIY Christmas ornaments, featuring handmade ornament ideas that are easy and fun to make with step-by-step tutorials!

Tee itse joulukoriste järviruo’osta –

Tee itse joulukoriste järviruo’osta –