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a man and woman are dancing together in an old fashion dance scene, one is holding the other's hand
The Tojan Horse-Steve Reeves Edy Vessel
a group of men and women in roman costumes posing for a photo on stage with red drapes
black and white photograph of men in roman costumes
several different scenes from the same tv show
Ben-Hur (1959)
two men are talking to each other in the same scene, one man is holding something
Judah / Messala
four different scenes from the movie gladia, including two men in roman costumes and one man
The Robe (1953)
two different pictures of the same man and woman in roman dress, one is talking to another
two people dressed in costumes sitting next to each other
The Egyptian
an egyptian scene with two men and one woman dressed in ancient clothing
three men dressed in ancient costumes standing next to each other with candles on their chests
Victor Mature - The Egyptian (1954)