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All fur should be taken from the wild in a managing fashion.Therefore, we would not kill harmless animals but help manage wildlife areas. For example; eliminate an invasive species in another area that in valued in another. The Sea lamprey in Michigan, it is a delicacy in England. Although the lamprey is a protected species in England because of over harvesting them. Why doesn't Michigan sell this invasive specie to England until there eliminated?

If you wear fur, I hate you. It is because people like you that so many animal suffer horrific deaths. Wish you were forced to feel what they feel as they die

pictures of abused animals | Groups :: Help Abused Animals : What People Have Done to Animals.

A racoon dog skinned alive. First it was tortured by the Chinese fur farm. This raccoon dog lived long enough to look straight into the camera. This animal abuse is insane and disgusting.

Children killed by missile attack while in school. Iran-Iraq war 1980-88

These children were killed by missile attack while in school, a fate that Marji was lucky enough to have survived because she was sent away. Sadly, it reminds me of the young boys with the keys to heaven that she described.