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Haven't looked this over yet, so not sure how 'accurate' it is in terms of what foods are good and bad, but thought it looked interesting. :) Paleo 'dos and don'ts'.

How to Make a Perfect Green Smoothie Guest post by Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard, founders of Simple Green Smoothies - We have a super simple and healthy recipe we’ve been itchin’ to share with you!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding: Paleo and Dairy-Free | stupideasypaleo.com

Delicious Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding recipe is the perfect rich treat for a special occasion, and it& dairy-free!

Simple Outfit Idea for Winter 2015

love this outfit. But without the scarf. I think it would cute with it but I can& pull it off!Black jeans, white scarf, blue shirt, long neck boots, ear tops and ear rings

Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Pops

Fresh Fruit Yogurt Pops Recipe For Summer The boyfriend loves “popsicles” (I guess I should refer to them as ice pops). Apparently, 2 ice pops a day keeps the belly away (he says this about do