Arctic bramble / Mesimarja, Finland

Mesimarja - Rubus arcticus - Arctic bramble, the flavor of the berry is one of the finest ones

Cloudberries from Finland! if you ever get the chance to try them you should amaing flavour and so versatile

Arctic delicious cloudberries grow especially in Kainuu and Lappland, Finland.

Lingonberries - These little red Scandinavian berries are one of the newest superfoods. Their berries are extremely tart, so they are often made into jam or jelly. You often see them paired with Swedish pancakes as a topping. However, that same jam could be added to milk to make a wonderful smoothie. Loaded with tons of nutrients and believed to help with a wide range of health problems, lingonberries are part of the blueberry family. They prefer acidic soil just as ..

10 Superfoods You Can Grow in Your Backyard

rubus chamaemorus (kruipbraam, gele bosbraam of veenbraam, hardy, edible fruit, probably good for under the blueberries.

Late last month I had to go to the fabric store to buy some cloth to cover a prop I was making for an upcoming show. I hate all fabric stor.

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The blueberry plant [ Vaccinium; Family: Ericaceae ] with the first blueberries of the season.

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