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tables and chairs are set up in front of buildings with flowers on the balconys
Taormina, Sicily
a woman standing in front of a store with lots of tables and chairs on the sidewalk
Taormina Cappuccino, gelato, swordfish, and Mandorla (almond wine); not in that order, but all firsts -in Italy!
the ruins of an ancient city with mountains in the background
Taormina, Sicily
Taormina, Sicily; Italy
a store front with many items on display
Taormina, Sicilia.
an alleyway with stairs and potted plants on the steps leading up to it
Taormina, italy
an old church with people walking around it
Taormina, Sicily
people sitting at tables in front of a building with flags hanging from the top of it
Taormina, Sicily
~Taormina, Province of Messina , Sicily region Italy~
the stairs lead up to an old building with flowers growing on it's sides
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The Public Gardens of Taormina, province of Messina , Sicily region Italy
people are sitting at tables in an alleyway with potted plants on either side
A Short Guide to Taormina - Laugh Travel Eat
CORSO UMBERTO, Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Wouldn't you love to spend an evening here?
an old set of steps leading up to a building with flowers growing on the side
Taormina Steps Sicily by David Smith
Taormina Steps Sicily. A beautiful medieval scene with muted pastel colors and beautiful archtecture
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs
Panoramic photo of sea kayaking in Dubrovnik, tourists kayak past Buza Bar and Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia | Matthew Williams-Ellis Travel Photography Archives
Taormina, Palazzo Ciampoli on Corso Umberto, the main street in the centre of Taormina, Sicily, Italy, Europe. Palazzo Ciampoli has a very popular cafe and is a great place to people watch as tourists walk along Corso Umberto. Copyright © Matthew Williams-Ellis, Wellis Photography
people are sitting on the ground near a street lamp and some buildings at dusk with clouds in the sky
Taormina, Sicily, Italy
an alley way with stone steps leading up to a red building on the other side
Taormina, Sicily. This was one of my favourite parts of Taormina, getting lost in the peaceful back streets.