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Pia-Maria Kortell

Pia-Maria Kortell
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Christmas tree stand & pvc pipe jump - clever clever

Not XC But a great idea. Xmas Tree Stand & PVC pipe jump standards for horses / equine. Might have to experiment with this idea this summer.

GREAT culvert jump idea! Put it over a pole, nail pole to posts, there you go!

They have this jump at the Cross Country Hunter Paces. Put it over a pole, nail pole to posts, there you go! For extra OOMPH, maybe dig a small ditch underneath?

Don't even bother with wood, saws, and screws.   Just slide in a 4 foot 4 x 4 with holes drilled in, and Presto!  Instant jump standard! The "8-Screw" kind works best with the square uprights. Much...

I like the rivets as "cups". How to make your own horse jumps. This page has photos of different types of standards, flower boxes, and poles. I especially like the jump block made from a pallet.

THIS IS AMAZING!!  I hope I can have it some day ;) Woah! Look at this Seesaw. Saddles as the seats are super interesting. Love it.

Farm kids see saw, its a country thing you wouldnt understand. Wish I still had my old saddles! Oh well, still doing this with my kids!