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News and Pictures about beautiful pictures of sunsets Photography: Sunrise Pictures and Sunset Pictures .

Chameleon skin - this would be a gorgeous embellishment & the story of inspiration it delightful! How do they do it? Oh Nature, you get me every time.

Chameleon skin - I love the colour of this, could use it as inspiration for an embellishment, using beads in similar shapes to the chameleons skin

Peacock Feathers: Plumage-detail of a friendly peacock.- Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Trust me with this one. Take an ordinary (if even applicable) peacock feathers and lightly spray them with gold paint. Work them into any arrangement. EVERYONE will stop and gab about how incredible they look! You just sit back and be like, & that?

Vivd | Mixed | Color | Colour | цвет | カラー | Couleur | Colore | Remnants by Jessica Jenney

Photography: Remains of Autumn by Jessica Jenney. Sharla Hicks's Note: What amazes me is how much this looks like a painting. HDR photography: Uses multiple images to derive effect. HDR imaging exaggerates contrast for artistic effect.

Moroccan Rust II by Damienne Bingham

colors for kitchen- turquoise, cobalt, rust,gold.and cream. Great colours and gorgeous matching