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Banff on a budget. Nestled in the pristine and gorgeous mountains of the Alberta Rockies is the popular town of Banff. This town sits right in Canada& Banff National Park and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Finland’s Formula for School Success (Education Everywhere Series) Early intervention and sustained individual support for every student are keys to educating the whole child in Finnish schools.

Jul 2014 - Edutopia - Five Keys to Rigorous Project-Based Learning Well-designed project-based learning (PBL) has been shown to result in deeper learning and engaged, self-directed learners. Learn more about the five core elements of successful PBL.

A fun creative way to build SO many skills (balance, kinestethia, visual motor, self-regulation)...the list goes on!

This is a fun activity in order to encourage the development of praxis skills. The child is required to think about/plan his or her movement patterns in order to get to the other side!