From an artistic standpoint, I really like this even though I wouldn't wear it.

Okay my thoughts are blue lips are pretty far out there! But these lips look amazing nontheless!

Step-by-step demo on how to create you own galaxy/nebula nails! Nail art, tutorial, DIY, nail polish.

Personalized Vintage-Inspired Sticker Labels (many styles)

█▓▒░▀▄▄▄▄▄█░░█▄▄▄▄▄▀░▒▓█  █▓▓▒░░░░░▒▓░░▓▒░░░░░▒▓▓█  ╔══╗░░░░╔╦╗░░╔═════╗  ║╚═╬════╬╣╠═╗║░▀░▀░║  ╠═╗║╔╗╔╗║║║╩╣║╚═══╝║  ╚══╩╝╚╝╚╩╩╩═╝╚═════╝

we all see this on halloween horror movie nights on the sofa don't we ? b- movie lovers photo art coming to get you

Adorable black snake. Aaaawwww! Like if he is totally sweet!

Random Inspiration 118

two of my fav things: jet black and snakes. yes, when I think of my favorite things it is darkness and snakes.

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Black: is the colour of the night and the darkness. Black is the most fashionalble colour and Mia created many chic

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The Shadow. Don't we all have one? Mine is often trying to free itself from the shadow world where it resides. Sometimes I wonder, if the beast is really, just the unspoken silenced parts of me that wish to share some ancient wisdom. The Beast by

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"I bleed tears, clear liquid seeping from the gashes and cry blood, red rivulets carving their way down my face. I mar the world with my red tears.