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language o'clock — koreanbreeze:  PDF Version here  New version with...

koreanbreeze: PDF Version here New version with corrections because Im an idiot and forgot to remove the dummy text I was using for formatting. Happy studying everyone and if you see anymore corrections kill me let me know!


fyi: There are photos of other Asian countries as well (they are tagged)! Not just Japan & Korea Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine unless stated (source given in the post) (Semi Hiatus) Hello~♥ My name is Sonja.

this is why it's difficult to learn Korean from dramas... they never say things the same way twice...

Sorry~ I once used 죄송합니다 to a little Korean kid cos I accidently turned off the light while he (or was it she?) was in the toilet and I didn't know! Darn, I should have used informal talk to a little kid T_T