Piia Äm

Piia Äm

Helsinki / Taivalkoski / Vanhan maalaistalon uusi omistaja, tee-se-itse-remppaaja / askartelija / näpertelijä. Innostun erityisesti vanhojen esineiden uusiokäytöstä arjen tavaroina.
Piia Äm
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The weathered wood of this old boat adds contrast in texture to the flowers planted inside

"I saw this pin for a boat flower bed - thought it could be fun to chuck one in the marsh and plant inside the boat." "You just want it so you can stand up front and shout, "I'M ON A BOAT, MOTHERFUCKER, ON A BOAT!

I never would have though to put an old boat in a yard....but I love this idea!

Landscaping ideas to reuse and recycle old boats for yard decorations and unusual containers with flowers are creative, very interesting and surprising. Old boats have universal appeal and can be used

Old Boat Reuse Ideas That You Will Have To See

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