Piia Pöntinen

Piia Pöntinen

Piia Pöntinen
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Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer, The Rhine (Melancholia) (Der Rhein (Melancholia)), Collage of woodcut on canvas with acrylic and shellac. 374 x 330 cm.

Holiday 101 Thursday – Father Day’s Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas for Father’s Day. Gifts/Cards Photo book from the genius Ashley Ann Campbell of Under the Sycamore.

Baby Footprint & Handprint ideas, lots of wonderful ideas from pitterpatterprint *******

Baby Footprint Handprint ideas, lots of wonderful ideas . ((would like to do this w/ Brandon and My handprints and then the kids' footprints!

Father's Day Finger Painted Canvas by Martha Clyde for Silhouette

Father's Day Craft: Finger Painted Canvas using stencil material.like the Polaroid idea for a painting

collaborative color wheel

a large scale magazine collage color wheel. going through magazines and finding primary, secondary and tertiary colors.designed a color wheel on cardboard and then further separated the colors into the pure hue, tints and shades.

I wonder if this could be used when working with groups? Discussions around identity, boundaries, belonging, unity, community...?

Group Art Lesson This is a kids art activity, but I think this would be so amazing to do on a large canvas or three panels (one for each family member maybe?) for a large scale wall art piece.