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the legend of zelda quote on pink background with red and black text that reads,
What even is the entire timeline after Oot 😭😭😭
an animated character with red hair and blue eyes
What if...Link got corrupted by Ganon ?
Injured Link Legend Of Zelda, Dan Phantom, His Princess, Ben Drowned, Cute Tumblr Wallpaper, Legend Of Zelda Breath
Zelda - Silent Orchestra by Gabbi on DeviantArt
four different avatars from the legend of zeldan and link to each other
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an anime character holding a cat with the caption i absolutely adore how him loving cats is canon
two anime characters with caption that reads, me trying to see the different between the lava flakes and a butterfly in the gon area
They Look Too Similar | The Legend of Zelda
two anime characters are sitting on the ground in front of a bus and another character is standing behind them
an animated image of two people with blonde hair and green eyes, one wearing a school uniform
link being link...
the legend of zelda holding a cake in front of two people with their hands
Depressed people eat dubious food