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INFJ - I know I'm doing it, yet I can't stop myself. It's not easy to feel other people's pain and ignore it.

I want to do this way more than I do but I often have to restrain myself because it freaks people out

I kind of don't like to post things of an INFJ due to there are quotes that describes INFJs and it comes across as mentally unstable. Because infjs care so much, there descriptions come across as unhealthy.


INFJ - Hobbies, except the music. My musical tastes are a continuous evolution. I listen to everything from ancient gregorian chants to the latest upcoming artists. As long as it piques my ears & soul, I'm into it.

I can't even count the number of people I have fallen completely in love with in this manner.

I still meet lots of people, but the single minded focus. I thought it was a side effect of ADD but apparently it's my type too lol