Perfect newborn shot--I really love how it shows both their rings too :) if only my husband still had his ring!

Photography Prop Easter Picture Idea Perfect newborn shot--I love how it shows both their rings too this newborn picture makes me feel bette.

Tyylikäs perhe! #family #style #perhe

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tällä perheellä on muuten aika makeat samistelukengät!

Taking a Break from "No" - Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark - Family wearing DSW shoes

perhe <3  family

Jo insan bharo kush disda he Oh andro bht kamosh hunda he Lekin sab ah zarur kende ne oh bht happy he Lekin oh apne dukh kise nu ni das sakda

together <3 koko perhe yhdessä <3

They all have such nice hair! & I love to see a family laugh together. There's hardly anything more precious than enjoying a joyful moment with the people you love most.