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I had to pin this twice because it Reminds me of my Profs were doing in the back while stoically  beating the mental crap out of us in the front.....

and then i told my students the study guide would cover everything on the test

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The best part of teaching is that it matters. The hardest part of teaching is that every moment matters, every day.so, so true!

That's how I feel lol Dudes do that shit too!

Texting, I'll text a girl. She'll text me back right away. I'll text her back right away. she'll text me back right away. Story of my life


My daughter asked me what it's like to have kids, so I interrupted her every 11 seconds until she cried.

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Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: Please pay attention because I can explain it to you. but I can't understand it for you.


It is never to early to label students as failures. 4 year olds need to be college career ready just like everyone else.

I might have to use this...

This printer is now called Bob Marley because it's always Jammin' hilarious! I'm tempted to make this for work, ours is always "jammin"

pretty sure this was me being told...because i assume i'm dying alone with 40 cats and a jar of peanut butter(;

Resigning to Be a Cat Lady Early On is Sad

I am well on my way to becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. Pretty sure this is what my mom knew when I was young.

<(@ ̄︶ ̄@)>

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I teach, therefore I drink

Teacher Hand Painted Wine Glass by MorgansGiftBoutique on Etsy. Appropriate some nights- to have a glass with dinner.