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Nukak Makú child, Colombia with a pet squirrel monkey on his head.

Her smile awaken my spirit.

Girl with beautiful smile. I always think the people of Africa have such beautiful hearts and smiles.

The Eyes of Children around the World India © Joe Routon  http://500px.com/photo/48477482

Girl in India by Joe Routon on The Eyes of Children around the World India © Joe : Gorgeous little sister!

Kayapo girl with traditional body paintings and hair cut, brazil. by bridgett

Either it's a happy camel or he's imitating the extremely photogenic racing man right before he tramples the happy man. I like to think it's the former. :D

I could not erase what the pinner before had written under this smiling camel!"joy I love this. Thought I would put this under Christmas.Never seen a camel grin like that." Too funny!

Ethiopian Tribes, Suri | by Dietmar Temps

Ethiopia, tribes, Surma, Suri people Boy with Donga stick seen in Bargoba village near Kibish.




Wow, Rajsthan, India ( beautiful picture amazing man long grey hair and beard, huge, big eyes)