Bullet journals are all about staying super, super organized, and September is one of the two months of the year where you really work hard at being on top of your life (January is the other month, in case you were wondering). If you’re going back to school, September is the time when you really feel … Read More

15 Genius School Bullet Journal Ideas To Keep You Organized This Semester

A new bullet journaling FOR STUDENTS video! In today's video, I'm sharing some updated spreads for all of your university/high school plan.

dang! i need this, to keep a record of where i travel with my girls!!! keep all the memories!

this would be pretty cool for bucket list type of journal. find pictures, maps, etc. of places you want to go, and when you actually go there take the same picture but with yourself in it, then put it next to the original in the book.

Kelly Kilmer Artist and Instructor: 12 July 2012 Journal Page

I promise that all of my pages won't be so sad like this one is. It's just how it is right now (and I am NOT apologizing for it.

To paint

Paintbox of Amanda Hoskin, Cornish artist. Photo by Andrew Montgomery for an article in Country Living (England edition)

Stuff for Meme's travel journal

Bridal Planning

Rustic wedding idea: use rope-closured, leather bound journal as guest book. As a journal for your partner to read the night before wedding (I love you because.

A travel journal made of vintage postcards. So charming.

Vintage Postcard Travel Journal

Pin for Later: 17 Ideas to Organize and Display Travel Mementos With Style Vintage Postcard Travel Journal Make your own travel journal from postcards of the places you've visited. Then add in quotes and stories on the postcards related to the trip.