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* * REFLECTING: " In de kingdom of de skunks,me bets dat de one who haz half a nose be King.  [Chris Farley

* * " Sumtimes, whens me asks meself willz me haz de courage to do de rights 'ting - de answer be silence.

"Two cat's can live as cheaply as one, and the owner has twice as much fun." --Lloyd Alexander

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What more to say other than we just LOVE Cats ♥ SLVH ♥♥♥♥ It's so Beautiful fur ball!

If you can't adopt - foster. If you can't foster- sponsor If you can't sponsor- Volunteer If you can't volunteer- Donate If you can't donate- educate: re-post: network: raise awareness. Until EVERY cage is empty!

Resultado de imagem para gatinhos filhotes fofos

Resultado de imagem para gatinhos filhotes fofos