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Love the crystal clear waters. Wish it was like that at the Jersey shore.

“Não queira emagrecer todos os quilos extras que você adquiriu em um ano, apenas nos quatro meses que antecedem o verão. Não inicie um relacionamento amoroso com alguém não compatível, só para não ficar sozinho(a). Não aceite mais trabalho, quando você está com dificuldade em realizar aquele que já foi assumido. A sobrecarga pode ser levada com dificuldade por certo período, mas, com o tempo, nossa estrutura se rompe trazendo prejuízos.”

no relaxation quite like lounging in the ocean on a paddle board.hurry up summer

Oceanic Society Farallon Islands Whale Watching

Experience magical, close encounters with the friendly gray whale mothers and calfs of San Ignacio Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We also visit the beautiful Sea of Cortez for whale watching on this week-long Baja adventure.

bucket list -- star in a movie

Maybe not star in one. but I do want to act in a movie before I die. More than an extra, but don't want to become a "movie star" either. One maybe two indie films :)

Something I really want to experience ; skydiving !!

Skydiving can be a life-changing, if not life-enhancing experience. It’s not for everybody, but every person who wants to learn how to do it safely will not find a better drop zone than indoor skydiving.

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Stay at Every Disney Resort! Did you know they have 6 different Disney Resorts around the world! Walt Disney World- Florida Disney Land- California Disney Land- Paris Tokyo Disney Resort Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disney Resort