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Russia, network attack, info graphic, illustration @ Stina Tuominen

Russia, network attack, info graphic, illustration @ Stina Tuominen

This is an infographic about an infographic. I like the way how its split up into separate parts and each one has a different design. Also i like the color scheme of two different shades of green.

Did you know that line graph, bar chart, and pie chart were all invented by one man? Learn all about data visualization in this info graphic.

Sonumuz Nasıl ve Ne Zaman Gelecek? – Evrim Ağacı

Here’s everything that could wipe out humanity ranked in one handy infographic Simply refer to this chart next time you're panicking about Ebola.

Tabletop Whale’s guide to making GIFs  Recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for a tutorial on how to make animations. So this week I put together a quick explanation for anyone who’s interested. I archived it as a link on the menu bar of my website, so it’ll always be easy to find if you need it. This is just a run-through of my own personal animation workflow, so it’s not a definitive guide or anything. There are plenty of other ways to make animations in Photoshop and other…

Eleanor Lutz has done some amazing design work with her company Tabletop Whale. She is known especially for her work creating animated infographics using animated GIF files. Check out the infographic below to know how to make an animated infographic.

Heres What To Do If You Get A Damn Fruitcake This Time

You can probably guarantee a distant neighbor or relative will hand you an unwanted fruitcake this holiday season. Try to resist the urge to roll your eyes or curse your thoughtless gift givers;

Common Core Charts, Organizers & Progress Forms For Each S

Common Core Charts, Organizers & Progress Forms For Each Standard: Grade 8

Grade 8 This mega document contains graphic organizers, Common Core summary wall charts, progress forms, and question answering frames for EVERY Literature and Informational Text Common Core ELA Standard! Just add a book or magazine.