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Grigori Aleksandrovitš Potjomkin (ven. Григо́рий Алекса́ндрович Потёмкин) 24. syyskuuta (J: 13. syyskuuta) 1739 Tšižovo lähellä Smolenskia – 16. lokakuuta (J: 5. lokakuuta) 1791 Iași). Venäläinen sotamarsalkka ja keisarinna Katariina II:n rakastaja.

Grigory Potemkin - Lover of Empress Catherine II from 1762 until He remained a close friend and adviser to the empress after their affair ended.

Frederick II roi de Prusse - Tout se gâte à la fin de 1752 et bientôt Voltaire fuit Berlin. Mais l'empereur se venge en le laissant emprisonner à Francfort. Après ces péripéties, Voltaire décide de s'installer en Suisse où il reprendra sa correspondance avec Frédéric II lors de la guerre de Sept Ans, servant une nouvelle fois d'intermédiaire avec le ministère français pour le rétablissant de la paix entre la France et la Prusse.

August 1786 - Frederick the Great the third Hohenzollern king dies at the age of 74

ORLOV DIAMOND~one of the biggest and most famous Imperial jewels known since 1784.The diamond could probably be the part of Great Mogul Diamond. In 1773 Grigoriy Orlov presented the jewel to Catherine II of Russia in her birthday, in a simple flowers bouquet trying to return her love; the present became outstanding within a few days as none of European monarchs has got the equal jewel in the collection. The diamond became a part of Russian Imperial scepter ca 1775.

The Orlov Diamond (Catherine the Great’s crown jewel) The Armory at the Moscow Kremlin is home to Catherine the Great’s imperial scepter, which is set with a huge, green-tinted diamond, with 180 facets and a weight of carats.

Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566–1633) by Alonso Sanchez Coello (Spanish painter, c 1531-1588

Alonso Sanchez Coello (Spanish painter, c. Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia Daughter of Philip II of Spain, with her monkey,

Grand Duke Michael “Misha" Alexandrovich - in reality the last Tsar of Russia by a few hours. He became such upon the abdication of his brother, Tsar Nicholas II on 15 March [O.S. 2 March] 1917 - who also abdicated on behalf of his sickly son Alexei. Michael was a Tsar from the moment of his brothers abdication until his own. He was murdered by the Bolsheviks on June 13, 1918 (aged 39).

it Grand Duke Michael “Misha" Alexandrovich, Nicholas II's younger brother

Tsar Alexander III, father of Tsar Nicholas II

Tsar Alexander III, father of Tsar Nicholas II. Just soo interested in the romanovs