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Plastic Trash Rug - crocheted rug from all sorts of plastic bags, bread bags, bags to package tp rolls, paper towels, etc.

I have several free patterns for crocheting rugs using plastic bags or plarn at my blog. I have attached one oval rug pattern link.

Crocheting a Rug Using Plarn

Rug made out of plastic grocery bags. Mine is a bit bigger and though it looks pretty cool, probably only suitable for basement hallway or playroom. Used about 6 months worth of saved plastics bags (hundreds).

This is a guide about making a plarn hat. Use plarn plastic bag yarn to make a cute summer hat.

Making a 'Plarn' Summer Hat

Learn how to reduce your waste by reusing plastic bags to make plarn (plastic yarn) with this step-by-step photo tutorial.

How to make a basket out of plastic bags. This is actually a really creative idea. I have so many plastic bags that I keep from the grocery store, and this is a really interesting and smart way to use them.

Make a Basket Out of Plastic Bags

A tutorial for a plastic bag basket. Braiding, so no crocheting or knitting skills needed :) This would also work for making a nice shopping bag of all those single use grocery bags - just add handles. (Remember no bio degradable bags!

♥How to color/dye plastic bags for all the cool upcycled projects.♥ Rainbow-plarn

Hand-Dyed Plastic Bag Yarn Tutorial

Reuse those plastic bags into a cool and hip hand knit and hand dyed items with this step by step tutorial.

I saw a friend doing this last night. She's making a durable reusable bag out of old plastic walmart bags. Brilliant..

Make a durable reusable bag out of old plastic walmart bags. Shari as professional to speak to group

5x7 plarn rug made from roughly 3500 plastic bags.

My newly made plarn rug. Made from roughly 3500 plastic bags! I can hardly believe that plastic bags turn out so nice. That would take me a lifetime, unless I ditched my canvas bags.

Plastic bags, no crochet no knit (Awesome way to use up all those plastic bags! This is prefect for picking berries!)

Beautiful Baskets Crocheted Out Of Plastic Grocery Bags~ Cute and a great way to recycle all those carrier bags we've collected! From Lucky Ladybird Craft diy craft tutorial

Vintage Oval Rug

Crochet An Oval Rug

I'm so excited by this one.this was in the latest Purple Kitty Yarns newsletter that I get, and I have been looking for it for years. Because a friend of my mother's commissioned one for me .

Twined rug, with instructions... great way to upcycle jeans and other clothes (cut into strips for "rags" for rugs!)

Twined rug, with instructions. great way to upcycle jeans and other clothes (cut into strips for "rags" for rugs!) Looks like a HUGE project.

DIY & Crafts Tutorials My grandmother made these.  I was always sorry I never learned how, now I can.

No-Sew Interwoven Braided Rug. For those who like homemade rugs but hate sewing the braids together. @ DIY Home Crafts