I love him so much!! Some people call me obsessed but I just call it true love... ;)

Josh Hutcherson - Peeta ( hunger games ) gabe ( little manhatn ) jesse ( bridge to terabithia ) ect. any one else liked him before the hunger games?

Josh Hutcherson. I'd love to marry him ------------------------------->>>

uuhhhh uhhhhh uhhh nosdijudcvnhf i seem to have lost the ability of speech, please hold while I recover from Josh-itis! Josh Hutcherson those eyes 😍😍😍

Maybe he will just chose to keep his hair blonde forever. We can only hope ;) <3

"My future husband, guys, back off." Elise Clark claims him people, and I will back her up all the way. "Josh Hutcherson is Elise Nicole Clark's future husband, so back off people. Lol got ya covered girl.

Hay nena ✌️❤️✔️

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Josh Hutcherson in a dress...lol, he would do this :)

sanne on

Josh Hutcherson in a dress.I don't know if it's real or not, but I sure did laugh a lot when I saw it.