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Captain America eye make up style. Would be fun to try for a Halloween party or costume party.

Avengers-Inspired Eye Makeup Designs

"Makeup your Jangsara: Avengers: Captain America" (eye makeup red white blue fantasy comic glitter) sglrpick

turquoise and purple eye

Cool eye make up for green/blue eyes! Green eyeshadow on the top eyelid and purple eyeshadow on the bottom lid to enhance the greenish of this almond shaped eye with to accentuate the eyelashes!

[ad#336-x-280]  Eye makeup enhances the beauty of the face. Makeup hides the scars, freckles and pale skin. Always put a base foundation according to skin typ

I like wedding eye make up! Drama cat eye liner for beautiful eyes on your wedding day.

Great color combo with Senegence ShadowSense in Amethyst as eyeliner.  Use Candlelight and Copper Rose ShadowSense with Mocha Java in brows.  Get yours today - www.senegence.com/beautyfx.

Purple eye liner with peachy pink and gold eyeshadow. Look what it does to green eyes! I got this new gold eyeshadow and I'm looking for cool stuff to do with it, I gotta try something like this!

Cora is my faaaavorite beauty blogger. Check out her amazing youtube tutorials! (youtube: vintageortacky)

smokey gold eyes might do this for Halloween. I have too many different gold eye shadows XD

Hayley williams makeup

Hunger Games Inspired Makeup - Katniss Everdeen, "The Girl Who Was on Fire"

Gold glitter, turquoise, cat eye makeup look.

Apply white pencil eyeliner below eyebrow. Apply chocolate brown and black opaque shadows in crease and outer corner. Apply iridescent sparkly loose shadow over lid. Apply shimmer turquoise sha (Bake Face Under Eyes)


Pretty purple eye make-up would be lovely for a bride wanting a 'shades of purple' wedding.

Love the eyeliner <3

White eye shadow used properly. So pretty & clean- I use white shadow all the time! It's a great way to brighten up the eyes and create a clean polished look :) love love love

Must find some glitter shadow like this!

Metallic silver eyeshadow with borealis sparkle: This is pretty for the holidays and New Year's! How fun.