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Do you love cute animals? Dig into this heart-melting selection of adorable little beings, cute puppy pictures and all kind of fluffy animals.

Baby Animals photo: animals 05.jpg

not gonna lie- i have a soft spot for this after falling in love with Alvin and the Chipmunk movies lol

Can we be friends? ❊

Did you know that January is squirrel appreciation day? One minute you think they're cute, the next minute a bold one is snatching a sandwich crust right out of your hand as you place it into an outdoor garbage can. Gain squirrel appreciation here.

So for us designers and cat lovers out there this cute meme was just too good so I had to share. Cats as types! #typography #design #cats

Funny pictures about Cats as fonts. Oh, and cool pics about Cats as fonts. Also, Cats as fonts photos.

I'm making popcorn in my cheeks!

What, no butter OR salt? - Squirrel with it's mouth full of corn - by Barb D'Arpino

My future pet teacup pig.......                                 !!!!!!!!!!!!\\\\      Now this is some country style bacon

micropig with a bandana and cowboy hat. all it needs is red cowboy boots

I never thought eating could be adorable...then I saw this.

Funny pictures about Swallow it! Oh, and cool pics about Swallow it! Also, Swallow it!

Vitamin-Ha – Animal Memes that crack me up

I think the owl's eyes are funny. I hate coffee, but the little owl dude is just so cute.