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"Curly Hair Problem knowing how to manage your hair until you were a teenager-it took that long to learn". Try Mid-twenties! It's a long hair problem, too. 4 feet of THICK hair.

I don't have curly hair, but this happens all the time. And my friends wonder why I only do some hair styles once.

Mine is wavy hair, but it's the same problem. I can do the exact same thing (same product, same amount, in the same weather conditions) and it never looks the same way twice.

I don't really consider this a problem.  It's just kind of funny to me.


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So true. I used to hate my curly hair but then i learned how to manage and take care of it. It can still get on my nerves sometimes but that can come with any style or texture so embrace your natural hair and learn how to take care of it.

one of my many reasons for not getting enough sleep.


Curly Hair Problem Going to school (or work) with wet hair because blow drying = waking up an hour earlier.

Do you know how much of my time, money, blood, sweat, and tears go into making my hair look the way it looks when people actually see it?

and I pay good money for an amazing flat iron and anti-frizz hair care products.>>>>I hear this almost every time I straighten my hair or put it in a bun

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totally hate how this is so true across business/work/ and all those terrible tv makeover shows - ITS JUST MY HAIR, im not trying to be a rebel


Because it is now just one giant knot that only a ridiculous amount of conditioner can fix.

Still working on the routine and getting good curls, but I'll get there.

Curly hair isn't always easy to manage, but it's always worth it. Sometimes, relating to other curly haired girls on the challenges curls can bring helps make them a little bit easier. But no matter h (Natural Hair Quotes)