I Am So Freaked Out Right Now

Funny pictures about I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway. Oh, and cool pics about I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway. Also, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.

Omg I saw this like a year ago and I've been looking for it ever since! This creeps me out so bad!!

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Horrors Of Methamphetamines By Shows Faces Ravaged by addiction. December 6, 2012. Pinned by the You Are Linked to Resources for Families of People with Substance Use  Disorder cell phone / tablet app on February 26, 2014;      Android -;                    iPhone -

New Anti-Meth Campaign Is 'Health Terrorism'

Before & After Meth pretty scary-will show to my girls one day to show them drugs suck! This is so sad how these people actually look like zombies.

When you see it

I played this really scary Slenderman game last night with headphones on and I almost starting crying.I was literally tearing up. I was in the dark, at night, playing Slenderman. THAT GAME IS CREEPY AS FUCK!

Omg can you see it -

Why is her reflection looking at the camera? Why can't you see the person taking the picture in the mirror?