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A mythological or mythical creature is a creation of folklore or such historic piece of fiction. The top 10 mythological creatures that have formed part of several tales and folk legends through the centuries have been:-

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Image result for animales mitologicos

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One imagines that the griffin/gryphon and the winged lion might be the main characters in a fantasy adventure that tests friendships and loyalties. (Creative Illustrations by Jennifer Miller)

[Environnement Région Tropicale et Tempérée] un bakto apprivoisé par une tribu

Illustration - illustration - Highland Guard by Tatchit. illustration : – Picture : – Description Highland Guard by Tatchit -Read More –

Only the few people Chosen can live with, and ride a gryphon. Description from…

13 criaturas de la Mitología Griega

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ShadowFlight- Mate: none ( has crush on ShimmerHawk) Offspring: none. Flies in the darkness, excellent hunter, is feared but inside is a careful heart.