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truth, though am working on it. I think a Pisces works on this their entire life.


is the most advanced sign of the zodiac. You would never know it because they appear to b e emotionally dependent.

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This must only happen in their "dream world" because the 2 Pisces I'm "familiar" with certainly aren't this way.

Proof: recently broke my hand punching a wall instead of a person... lol.

Sometimes a Pisces takes their pain out on themselves instead of on others. An angry Pisces can be very destructive. I'm very destructive.

Pisces:  "#Pisces bonds well with those who are protective and kind."

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Pisces: "Pisces is the love you've always dreamed of. But it's a lock that takes a while to open." Patience, romance, strength, and wisdom will help you find the key.