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C and the city - flexwork at the home office - read more on the blog: http://www.idealista.fi/charandthecity/2016/11/01/etatyopaivan-ihanuus

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desidned by Pauline Deltour  Between 2006-2009, worked as a designer and a project leader at Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design in Munich

Trays for the office are available in many shapes but none is as stylish and elegant as the letter tray Charlie by Böwer! The asymmetric tray is made of elm wood and comes w

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The Collector USB Flash Drive Concept can put unused small micro SD cards to good use. It combines a number of small capacity memory Micro SD cards them into one use able USB memory flash drive.that's a nifty invention.

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10 Study Techniques Every Student Should Try – Try these study tips and use your study set up as motivation to put your head down and achieve some goals. Don't forget a hot beverage, a snack and lots of natural light!

My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way. ~Ernest Hemingway

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Jewellery designer : Frédéric Mané , Mathon Paris Head designer / www.Mathon.paris.com

Jewellery designer : Frédéric Mané , Mathon Paris Head designer / www.Mathon.paris.com