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Funnies Thread Volume III - Page 18

Funny pictures about Foolproof security system. Oh, and cool pics about Foolproof security system. Also, Foolproof security system.

shel silverstein poem - Google Search

shel silverstein poem - Google Search

:))))) That's me im a gentleman ninja!

Robert Henry Vintage

I have a secret fear that one day my gentleman ninja will forget to open the door. ~I've had ninjas forget to open the door, or I'm just faster than a ninja.



Dog's soul

Altho' his heart may break in two, his love will still be whole, Because God gave to every dog an understanding Soul! How graced we are to have such friends in our life.

Bob Canada created this handy infographic about Doctor Who (larger version). via Nerdist

Doctor Who Infographic

Who Info-graphic listing all doctors past and present as well as facts about the doctor.


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

C'est l'histoire du premier chat "sage-femme-nounou" ...

This Cat Has Been Guarding Her Little Hooman Before He Was Born

Faith in Cat-manity restored! This Cat Has Been Guarding Her Little Hooman Before He Was Born

Have I pinned this already? Oh well, it is freaking hilarious.

To make life a little more worthwhile:) LOVE these! CAN NOT stop Laughing!

Cats, Kitty Cats, Gatos, Cats And Kittens, Cat, Kittens

This is so very true. Sometimes it seems ok to do something because everyone else does it. But gotta remember what's what.

What I will teach my kids. Perfectly explained - why can't more people remember this?