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The Parthenon showing a Golden Spiral overlay illustrating Phi or Golden Ratio proportions
Natuurlijke groei en verhoudingen zoals geldt voor de Gulden Snede en in de Fibonacci reeks.
Why can the Golden Ratio be found all over nature? : askscience
Art Composition and Design  August 5, 2013 Phi and the Golden Ratio in Art...... “Without mathematics there is no art.”  Luca Pacioli"The Golden Section was used extensively by Leonardo Da Vinci.  Note how all the key dimensions of the room and the table in Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” were based on the Golden Ratio, which was known in the Renaissance period as The Divine Proportion."
GabiLio Home and Garden: The Golden Ratio
Apple and golden ratio
Monuments with the Golden Ratio [Slideshow]
Golden Mean
Lake-Peterson House - Rockford, Illinois - Victorian Houses on Waymarking.com