Hermione:"and you are, a Weasley?" Ron:"No. I am your future husband." Then Hermione makes the face that says out loud:"I will never ever EVER agree nor I will change my mind.


I started reading and watching Harry Potter late. The fifth movie was about to be released when I started watching the movies. But these books have become my favorite series.


Harry potter might be one of the greatest novel and movie series, it was so perfect and eye catching. Well to make Harry Potter even more entertaining here are some funniest and Hilarious Memes of …

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls....

My favorite Harry Potter meets Mean Girls mash-up! "Oh my god, Harry, you can't just ask people why they don't have a nose.

Forever loved.

I love how even during the darkest of the HP movies the humor shows through. <--that's what makes Harry Potter one of the best book series and movie series of all time! Please, Harry Potter is the best

lol. I always thought she looked like him.

Funny pictures about Daniel Radcliffe in a wig. Oh, and cool pics about Daniel Radcliffe in a wig. Also, Daniel Radcliffe in a wig.

My favorite things!!

Check this out

The rhyme and rhythm are a bit wibbly-wobbly at times, but it's pretty cool. Only like the Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter and LOTR (and The Hobbit) verses though.

A few of my favourite Tumblr stories - Album on Imgur

A few of my favourite Tumblr stories

for real I hated Mr Noodle when the kids were young.banned elmo cuz I was for sure this person screaming "Goddammit Mr Noodle!